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We design, install, and maintain highly integrated and precisely engineered home electronics systems

Our approach to design creates strikingly styled and reliable systems, then adds a control layer that can be easily ‘tuned’ should clients desire even smarter control. This produces stable, reliable, and feature-laden solutions which are easily maintained, allowing for expansion as new technology becomes available.

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Design & Engineer a comprehensive project evaluation with the client’s technology needs, lifestyle, and aesthetic requirements in mind


A high performance system is more than just a list of components. We work with our clients to determine exactly what they want to achieve and then design a system specifically to meet those needs.


Every project we touch needs to live up to our high standards, and it’s even more important that everything works perfectly when it comes to time to wrap a project up.

Designed with a purpose and executed with professional expertise, a fully integrated smart home system offers an audio, visual, tactile, and cognitive experience that is unmatched. This is the kind of experience you will get with Designwerks.

We think of technology as essential, not as an afterthought. Our goal is to understand our customers’ goals, striving to ascertain their present technology requirements, and anticipate their future needs. Doing this allows us to match our clients’ specific lifestyle with appropriately designed systems. Some of our services include:

Home Theater & Media Rooms

With today’s technology, no home is considered complete without a home theater or media room where you can enjoy movies, sports, TV shows, streaming content, and more. Designwerks can integrate high-definition TV and digital surround sound into your home in a style that will maintain or even enhance home’s look, in addition to keeping your system simple to control. Select your programming from cable or satellite, a Blu-ray, streaming online content from Netflix, Hulu, or HTPC (Home Theater PC) and more.

Smart Home

“The Smart Home.” Where audio & video, environmental, lighting, and security systems integrate for unsurpassed convenience, comfort, and peace of mind. Using simple yet proven platforms, our custom designed systems allow for control and monitoring of media, lighting, thermostats, window treatments, and security & surveillance from the touch of a button. Customized for your living space, there are infinite ways to enhance your environment with our home automation systems.

Whole House Audio

Music while barbequing, working in the garage, or simply while entertaining on the back deck. Designwerks can design and install whole home audio systems that allow you to enjoy awesome sound, at the precise volume, anywhere on your property. All of our components and systems emphasize ease of operation, user-friendly control interfaces and expandability. Local control is also available using your existing iPads, iPhones or Android devices, and we can distribute speakers, indoors or outdoors, essentially any place high quality sound matters.

Video Solutions

Flat panel screens in the home office, kitchen, master bedroom and workout are just the beginning. Not all video signals are equal, which is why we can’t treat them as such. When designing a display area, we take into consideration the source equipment, quality, budget, and client requirements.

Structured Wiring

Structured Wiring is hidden and the most commonly overlooked element in your home, yet it is equally as important as your electrical or plumbing systems. In this high-tech world we live in, you need to plan your structured wiring systems to ensure they are capable of handling Cable or satellite TV, audio/video systems, climate control, Ethernet and security, all rely upon and support each other in a properly designed structured wiring system.

Networks & Networking

Streaming and other networkable devices are such an integral part of home entertainment and automation, a robust, reliable network is absolutely necessary. We are experts at enterprise-grade solutions and able to implement networking systems that are far beyond the scope of anything you could buy and assemble at a traditional box retailer.

Central Vacuum

Keeping today's high-tech, energy efficient home cleaner and healthier takes better technology and powerful performance. Central Vacuum Systems provide both, plus quieter operation, more convenience, and added home value. The result is a total whole-house cleaning experience.

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I highly recommend Designwerks to anyone looking to install or upgrade a home theater.

Jon E. Homeowner

That's one cool home theater system, I wished I would have done this sooner!

Bruce H. Homeowner

I got a large flatscreen TV from Designwerks and they installed it, they did a fantastic job!

Lori L. Homeowner

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